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1 - Introdution

The term "simulation" has different meanings according to the context in which it is used. In this work, simulation means imitation of some observed situation, imagined or projected, allowing experimental testing.
This simulation system (XSim) was developed to rapidly model simulations, with the possibility of monitoring the behavior of the system (simulation) at runtime.
XSim was some features, such as Entities, Processes and Resources.

1.1 - Entities

Corresponds to the dynamic modeling element that moves along the process. Can be the product being manufactured in an industry, the information that circulates in a computer system or a vehicle that moves in a city simulating urban traffic.

1.2 - Process

Place where some activity is performed over the entity. It may be necessary to use resources to achieve them. We can cite as an example the work done by an employee on the manufactured product line, the attendance of a customer in an store, processing a transaction by a microprocessor.

1.3 - Resource

This acts over the entity. Can be an employee or a machine that performs an operation on a manufactured product line.

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